16 12 2009

age is just a numbers.

and for those who care, it’s the little thing that counts.

thank you, and happy birthday to me.


4 12 2009

Twitter has really become something now.

people speaks

people writes

people loathe

most of all, one thing twitter is most famous for, it’s attention.


people are begging for attention.

i’m not a hypocrite, i’d do that all the time.

cmon, what’s the real use of micro blog thingy? other than exchanging your thoughts with other people, it’s getting attention.

but what bugged me the most is, how people are so different in real life and in cyberspace.

fuck it, i hate that kind of people.

i’m one of it? then fuck you, i don’t care


23 11 2009

this time i realized, i just repeat a history.

if the history i’m talking about was a good one, i wouldn’t be writing this.

people who know me would definitely know instantly what i’m talking about here.


my effort goes to waste.

was i blinded by the light of so-called-heaven?

i’m sick of this

i’m sick of this

i’m sick of this

i’m sick of this

i want to run away.

But that was never a good option


to whom it may concern

i’m like this because you meant a lot to me.

shame you didn’t see it that way.

So Stoked for 2k10

7 11 2009

the heck with other promoter being idealist without being realistic.

i love JAVA Musikindo.

so stoked for these





Fork on the road

3 11 2009

Opportunities come and go.

As much as i love it, i have to let it go

There’s no point of struggling inside a half-sinking ship.

The borderline

29 10 2009

No more Tubagus 7/19

No more mang Ajo or Amir or that creepy Kost hostess

No more Serbu Rame-Rame for that midnight munchies

No more MCCF for sahur in Ramadhan

No more Pagi Sore for that afternoon dinner

No more Nasi Goreng in front of kostan (which still sucks)

No more Avanza, X-Trail, Civic, Holden and Starlet for hitchin’ the ride

No more late night whore-stalking for fun and laughter in saritem

No more inability to shower because the water went down

No more walking to the fuse because the electricity dropped

No more singing with an acoustic guitar miming top 40 songs

No more making fun of the passerby wherever we are

No more umbrella hang out on campus

No more rooftop which had the greatest cheap lunch one could get on campus

No more indomie, the best one on earth

No more milk coffee, just like indomie

No more stealing tissue on the bathroom because of runny nose

No more taking other people quota of paper and printing

No more waking up till 4/5am doing assignments

No more Metro for printing

No more Tirta Anugrah because Metro is too full

No more Lembang in the middle of the night for no reason

No more Kana or Massive studio to throw our musical talent

No more Sadang Serang Caringin when there’s no free ride to catch

No more get caught when gossipping the person we gossip about

No more planning birthday surprise

No more Ciwalk, PVJ, IP, BIP, BSM.

No more Klitoris (Keliling Distro Histeris)

No more sleeping in the auditorium and getting the lecturer upset

No more eyecandying hot junior or hot senior

No more going to Stigmata just to take a glance on Macbeth shoes

No more pissing the admin staff off because of our lack of attendance

There’s actually more to write, but i’m not feeling it right now



goodbye college, i’ve missed you even before we said farewell


20 10 2009

I stumble upon this website that analyze your personality and stuff, and this is what i got:

Gilang Shanahan Loetan

You are Black Wolf who looks rather stiff by such things as having to wear glasses and hair style being very proper in place.

But you really are gentle, warm and kind hearted person.

You are weak on backbites, and is a delicate person, so you don’t tend to be very sociable.

You will put in great effort for yourself, but are indifferent to others.

And even if a matter concerns you, you will not be affected by personal interests and feelings.

You can calmly make decisions objectively.

Because you have a third person view, you can negotiate with others tactfully by putting forward yourself bullish, or making yourself look weak.

You are not good at carrying out work effectively.

Although you will get behind your co-workers, your serious attitude towards work leaves good impression on your boss.

You don’t show passion or be humane, so it makes other people think you are unsociable.

You ought to take care of your relationships.

Because you take good care of the others, you sometimes over do the duty, and leaves yourself not have presence.

Nevertheless, you go your own way with patience and effort.

You’d be good at back office boy, rather than taking leadership.


to my surprise, most of the result were true. oh is it magic?

Try it on for yourself here http://world.doubutsu-uranai.com/index.html


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